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A Creative Kinesiology Session

Creative Kinesiology uses muscle testing to access your body wisdom, to seek the roots of what is causing stress to your system.  Your body, through a muscle (generally arm) will give 'yes' or 'no' answers that guide us though the session.

The Creative Kinesiology approach knows that we are made up of our stories - that our life experiences contribute to who we are today.  Not all of our past is helpful or supportive to our lives now.  Kinesiology seeks to identify the origins of the issues that are causing stress to our systems.  Then, using gentle balancing techniques, it finds ways to release the unwanted or unhelpful results of our life experiences.  So helping the body, mind and energy systems find balance and harmony.


We draw on thoughts, feelings, senses, and support, such as essences and cards, to help connect with what your 'higher wisdom' is asking to be seen and heard.  Through muscle testing, your body will then guide me to what it needs to help bring balance back. 

One to one sessions last up to an hour and a half and are a 'co-creative journey', with your body's higher wisdom at the helm!

For more information on Creative Kinesiology, please the click  here for the Creative Kinesiology Association website.

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