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Kinesiology is something I had only heard of before meeting Karen and experiencing it's power first hand. I'm a believer in 'alternative' healing practices but in all honesty I had no idea what Kinesiology was about. I still couldn't really explain it if I tried. The closest description I can give is 'A truly intuitive healing practice which allows the practitioner to become an empty vessel for a higher wisdom'. My rational mind can't make much sense of it, but my experience was powerful, unique and definitely gave me confidence in the practice.


Karen is a wonderful, skilled kind hearted woman. Her approach is gentle and compassionate. Throughout two Kinesiology sessions we developed a close, beautifully honest relationship. I advise anyone who decides to book a healing session with Karen to be courageous in their honesty. I felt afraid to express certain feelings during our experience, but when I finally mustered up the bravery to vocalize feelings of fear, worry and judgement, Karen received this kindly and my treatment was taken even deeper because of this vulnerability.


A little about my experience:


I had been suffering from extremely uncomfortable hay-fever and breathing issues. I was sneezing uncontrollably and wheezing. This made the first half of our first session quite difficult but we persevered. Eventually, I lay on the bed in Karen's beautifully arranged healing room when she placed her hands on particular points of my body that she was guided to. (All boundaries were respected). Within minutes, my breathing calmed significantly, I was put into a state that I can only describe as a true mother's embrace and after our session finished I felt more peaceful than I can remember. It was as if some massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I haven't had breathing issues to that extent since. Nutrition and other factors play a role, I am very aware of this however, the Kinesiology had a significant noticeable impact on my condition and overall state.


For my first ever experience with Kinesiology I can say this truly blew my mind. If you are suffering in some way and have been guided towards the enquiry of Kinesiology, I recommend you contact Karen and book a session with her. You may be very surprised and your experience will be unique to you. I am ever grateful for having met Karen.

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